What is BioTTasa+

Get a technology in three steps

BioTTasa+ is the second phase of a project aimed at develop and transfer to SMEs technologies owned by the National Research Council of Italy in the field of Biotechnology.  The ultimate aim of the project is to support the development of innovative processes in order to improve people’s welfare and health.  It all starts from a wide range of technologies originated from public research and put through to the private sector.

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1 Choose a technology

The  CNR is the owner of a wide range of technologies in various areas: pharmaceutical, agro-food, medicine, energy, etc.  And one of them could be the key to the success of your company. You only have to browse our database and pick the one that you believe might work for you!

2 Let’s get to know each other

Once you have spotted the technology of your interest, you must contact us and explain in detail your intentions.  The first contacts can happen via mail or Pc, but in the case of a few technologies it can be necessary to meet face to face, for reasons of secrecy.

3 Use the technology

After having chosen, evaluated and obtained a license to use the technology that you need, you can apply it to your company or to your professional activity. And the BioTTasa team will keep on your side to help you achieve the best, and help you in every single phase of technology transfer.

Technology Areas

In the BioTTasa database you can find new technologies, innovations and patents regarding a vast array of technology areas covered by the CNR, classifiable under the definition of “Biotech”.

Database consultation, in fact, is done by technology areas, a simple and more immediate way of retrieving the necessary resource.

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Prosthesis and dentistry
Medical Device
Instrumentation for reciclying of industrial waste
Instrumentation for environment survey and monitoring
Electro-biomedical instrumentation

News and Events

By the nature of our job , the BioTTasa team is always active and up to date. We take part to numerous events and conventions, and in this section you can view at any time the news and information regarding past and future events, which might address you in your choice and in the future employment of the acquired technology.

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ZCube, the Zambon Pharmaceutical Research Venture, has lunch the Open Accelerator call, an acceleration program for researchers, scientists and aspiring entrepreneurs to select projects worthy of receiving a seed investment up to a maximum of 100,000 euros per project ( For a total amount of 600,000 euros). Areas of interest are: (1) Drug delivery systems,…

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Registrations are open for the third edition of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences, the international brokerage event taking place this year in Rome at the Salone delle Fontane dell’Eur (Via Ciro il Grande, 10) from October 26 – 28, 2016. This event is addressed in particular to Life Science industry, researchers, the Startup ecosystem,…

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Project Partners

BioTTasa+ is a very ambitious technology transfer project.  In order to manage it in the best possible way, the CNR collaborates with 10 highly reliable and efficient partners, who belong both to the world of research and to the world of enterprise. Here you can get to know them and find the contacts of each one of them.

Confindustria Trieste
Sardegna Ricerche
Unione Industriali di Napoli

We offer a database full of innovative technologies

ready to be placed on the market. Choose your own!

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